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About Easy Holidays

The Easy Holidays product, with Investage 192 (Pty) Ltd as its developer,  has been designed to make the process of going on holiday so simple
 and fun. Easy Holidays’ attention to customer satisfaction and absolute commitment in getting our members the holidays they desire is reflected in our everyday approach. Our commitment in ensuring that we extract maximum value from all (industry) role players, for the benefit of our members, is in many ways a unique approach compared to anything else available on the market today. Aside from our world class SUPREME service levels, the fact that we offer an inflation proof product, huge choice in destination and holiday period flexibility are just some of the reasons our members are so happy.

No short cuts

So what makes us different? For a start, the fact that our product offering is designed around YOUR holiday needs and not around our cost structures. We analyse leisure industry trends to ensure we always strive to purchase and develop availability in the regions that our clients want to holiday in. Even if this costs us more, we are not short sighted. We know that in the long run, the quality holidays you receive from us will be what keeps you happy and coming back for more. This is what makes us different from the rest, our continual focus on the future and what YOU want.

Bringing about industry change

What else makes us unique? Well, our Member Services are second to none, where 100% client satisfaction and SUPREME service is a necessity, not a goal. We employ world class operational standards to ensure that your holiday enquiry and booking process is dealt with professionally and efficiently.
We acknowledge that catering for our members needs is our primary goal . We are thinking long term, and we are focusing on YOU.